Jewish artist: Israel according to Ralph Gibson

Ralph Gibson, “Sacred Land : Israel Before and After Time”‘, Editeur Lustrum Press, 2020

For his new book commissioned by Martin Cohen, Ralph Gibson has chosen a presentation in diptychs of Israel, in order to underline the contemporary but also ancient aspect of this land.

The American photographer went through it in order to create a whole where the past belongs to the present and vice versa. The colour and black and white images are facing each other in double page.

Gibson emphasises the presence of the limestone on which the country is built. And this rock, which hardens in the open air, bears the tattoos of the country’s history.

Everything in this book is under sunlight and Mediterranean light. It seems to extend over mythology and biblical wisdom.

The words engraved in stone resonate with the narratives of the present time and its advanced technologies.

So much so that for Gibson Israel is “the oldest and the youngest country in the world. It struggles for its survival from the outside and for its definition from the inside”.

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