How was a small gazelle saved from drowning in the Dead Sea in Israel?

ere is how Dead Sea hikers saved the life of a small gazelle.

Zohar, who was walking in the Dead Sea region with his friends, told Oded Ben-Ami about an unusual event on the “Shesh Am” programme .

Zohar, who was travelling in the Dead Sea region with her friends, noticed something curious at one point that caught her attention. “We saw an animal jumping into the water, in the distance we thought it was a dog,” said Zoha.
In fact it was a small gazelle that had lost its way and was sinking in the Dead Sea.

“We saw her put her head in the salt water of the sea and she couldn’t come out,” Zohar repeated. “I put on a swimming costume and shoes and walked towards her.”

Zohar also said that the lost animal had swam east to Jordan. “I started swimming after him,” he said.” When I arrived, I grabbed his paw, he got scared and tried to resist. At a certain point he panicked, gave me a blow of his horn”.

The hiker went on to say: “I took him out slowly, but because of the salt he couldn’t see well. We washed his face with the water we brought and let him drink.
At this point he stood calmly beside me, and even at one point he didn’t move”. Zohar described how he and his friends carried the animal to the mountain so that it wouldn’t go back to the water and added: “After walking for a while, he stopped and looked at us – as if he was saying thank you.”

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