Wydad Casablanca: In Homage to a Film by Oum Kalthoum

The name of the Casablanca club was chosen as a tribute to one of the films of the Eastern Star Oum Kalthoum, entitled Wydad, which was shown in cinemas at that time simultaneously with the constitutive meeting of the club. Thus, the players and managers unanimously chose the name. As for the color that characterizes the team, it was chosen as a tribute to the color of the flag of the country dominated by red, the color of passion.

The Wydad Casablanca, commonly known as WAC, was founded in a delicate situation in the history of the country, when it was colonized by the French who refused the creation of clubs by Moroccans, for fear that they would become sources of resistance. For this reason, all requests for authorization were denied by the colonial administration. However, Touimi succeeded in obtaining authorization for the creation of a swimming and water polo club, provided that its members did not engage in matters of religion, politics, or racism and that it was composed of Moroccans and French in equal numbers. The club’s branches followed one another until it became a soccer club in 1939.

Touimi presented many important services to the club, while Father Jégo was a great help to the club. He gave the club its sportive intelligence and knowledge, being the first coach of the club since the first formation. It is thanks to him that the team managed to establish itself in the field with unparalleled strength.

The late Hassan II was the honorary president of the Club when he was Crown Prince, then Prince Sidi Mohamed took over in the 1960s.

Wydad’s name is associated with several special players, including Abdelkader Lakhmiri, Aziz Bouderbala, Rachid Daoudi, Nourredine Naybet, Hassan Nader and many others.

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