Ismail El Filali, new Chairman of the Management Board of Wafa Immobilier

This is a great promotion for Ismail El Filali who has just been appointed Chairman of the Management Board of Wafa Immobilier. Prior to his appointment, he held the position of Executive Director in charge of services and processing within the Attijariwafa bank group. Before joining the banking group, subsidiary of the Al Mada investment fund, Ismail El Filali was, among others, a director at Maroclear, Managing Director of Sogécapital Bourse (Société Générale Maroc) and director of the Casablanca Stock Exchange. The new chairman of the management board of Wafa Immobilier is a laureate of the IAE Bordeaux (DESS, Audit and Management Control) and has a diploma of chartered accountancy from the ISCAE.

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