The Analysis of a Geopolitologist on the Historic Decision of the United States to Recognize Morocco’s Sovereignty over Sahara

The French geopolitologist Aymeric Chauprade said Thursday that the U.S. decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara is a “historic step” that enshrines “the realistic and just policy” of Morocco.

The expert told MAP that “President Trump’s decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara is a historic step. Indeed, this recognition enshrines the realistic and just policy of Morocco, based on the autonomy of the Sahara within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty”. It is an intelligent approach that has been achieving for years more and more success, both at the UN and with the vast majority of countries in the world”.

With this decision, adds Mr. Chauprade, President Trump “would have made history by taking a great step forward towards peace”.

The former deputy also said: “With this recognition, the United States will open a consulate in Dakhla. History will recognize that President Trump (…) has tried in several international issues to overcome ideological impasses in order to move forward towards realistic solutions”.

He said that “we can now hope that the entire EU will not be left behind, and that it will continue with its logic to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. He stressed that “it is in France’s interest and honor to position itself at the forefront of a European dynamic of recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.”

HM King Mohammed VI had, on Thursday, a telephone conversation with Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States. Mr. Trump informed HM King Mohammed VI that he had promulgated a presidential decree, with what this act entails as undeniable legal and political force and with immediate effect, concerning the decision of the United States to recognize, for the first time in their history, the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the entire region of the Moroccan Sahara.

In this context, with a view to the first realization of this important sovereign step, the United States has decided to open a consulate in Dakhla. This is primarily an economic consulate aimed at encouraging American investment and contributing to economic and social development. In particular, the consulate will benefit the inhabitants of the southern provinces.

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