An American Project Transforms the City of Dakhla into an International Virtual Currency Mine

With the support of the American company Brookstone Partners, the Harmattan wind energy project will be inaugurated in the city of Dakhla. This new project will allow the development of the blockchain industry and will also enable it to become a real technology center, according to the CEO of the company Soluna Technologies LTD, Mr. John Belzaire.

According to the official website of this international pioneering company in the field of cloud computing, this project, which will require an investment of 2.5 billion dollars, will be able to create more than 400 highly skilled jobs. Indeed, Belzaire indicated at a press conference organized virtually in this regard that Soluna intends to create a center of excellence to develop expertise in blockchain technology.

He also stressed that as part of its social program, Soluna intends to donate 1% of its revenues to social projects for the benefit of the local community by financing infrastructure, including schools, clinics and entertainment centers.

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