The First Episodes of the Show “Ma’a Erramdani” Are on YouTube Trending

The new show “Ma’a Erramdani” (With Erramdani) on 2M, hosted by the exceptional journalist Ridouane Erramdani and broadcast every Sunday evening, managed to rank in the list of Moroccan YouTube Trending. In the the first episode, the presenter welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, who discussed the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, as well as U.S. recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara.

This ranking (until the time of writing these lines) was a surprise to viewers who are used to seeing buzz videos, “my daily routine”, videos of clashes and exchanges of insults and the rest of the mediocre content that dominate the Moroccan YouTube Trending. Journalists were happy to see, at last, a quality show at the forefront of trends, especially since it recorded a significant number of views.

Indeed, “Ma’a Erramdani” is one of 2M’s new programs that deals with topics that occupy Moroccan public opinion and generate controversy among citizens and on social networks.

Erramdani, director of the news division on Med Radio, has managed to build a huge audience following his famous radio show “Fi Qafass Al Itiham” (In the Defenders’ Bench). Erramdani tries to tackle his guests on the show based on three axes: deep debate, explanation and analysis in less than 26 minutes.

Minister Bourita’s invitation was a stroke of genius and marked the success of the show, whether for the show itself, its presenter or his channel. Gradually, the show is beginning to regain its strength and adapt to developments in the field of media and audiovisual in our country.

Erramdani is one of the most competent Moroccan journalists whose words and positions contribute to generate controversy on social networks. He began his career in the written press, being a prominent figure in Assabah. He then left Assabah for new experiences at Maroc Soir and the magazine Nichan written in Moroccan dialect (Darija), and later he hosted programs on Med Radio.

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