2021 Artist to watch Samy Omari

Recording Artist, Samy Omari exemplifies the very best of today’s pop culture. 24-year-old Samy was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. His highly anticipated music video “Waiting for you” is making waves across the nation and adding to his ever growing fan base. Racking in thousands of views and counting he is making his presence known in today’s music industry. He started singing at the age of 6, working with vocal coaches behind names like Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Combining pop influence with his Moroccan heritage, Samy is currently working on his debut EP “Vertigo” which will be available this upcoming year. Samy’s latest release “run it up “ climbed to No.19 on anghami and allowed him to internationally tour countries including Morocco, Germany and the U.S. – Los Angeles based currently, Samy’s upcoming EP “Vertigo” will be his re- introduction into the world. The edginess and sexiness continue throughout the EP, with songs like “Burn” and “ I was wrong”.  Working with major hit making writers and producers, Samy Omari is evolving and so is his sound. “Vertigo” is a new era for Samy and his fans.

Instagram: @samyomari

YouTube: http://bit.ly/SamyOmariYT

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