A Co-Production between Morocco, Israel and the United States of America

The Moroccan director Jérôme Cohen-Olivar announced, in a post on his Facebook account, the first co-produced film between Morocco, Israel and the United States. The filming will take place in the Kingdom, with some scenes in the United States and Israel.

Olivar, who is a French Jew of Moroccan origin, added that it is a dream he has been dreaming about for a long time and that is now being realized thanks to the peace, coexistence and love agreements that Morocco has signed with the Hebrew state, under the aegis of America. He promised to reveal more details in a press release at the beginning of January.

The Moroccan public got to know Jérôme Cohen-Olivar during an edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival, where his film Kandisha was screened for the first time. The film was starred by Assaad Bouab and Latefa Ahrar. He then released his film L’Orchestre de Minuit, which participated in the official competition of the Tangier National Film Festival. This feature film deals with the suffering of Moroccan Jews who were forced to leave their country, and is a story of friendship between a Muslim and a Jew. The latter returns to Morocco after years abroad to research the origins of his deceased father, who is none other than the Moroccan artist Botbol, in order to understand the reasons that led him to leave his country and immigrate to Israel, leaving his orchestra behind.

Jérôme Cohen-Olivar was born on June 6, 1964 in Paris. He spent most of his childhood in Morocco and began his film career with a few little-known films. He then flew to the United States to continue his studies at the University of California (UCLA) and then at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

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