Ribab Fusion Releases New Track Entitled “Imdokal”

Creativity does not stop with “Ribab Fusion”, despite the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, the group announced the release of a new song called Imdokal, which means “friendship”.

Recorded between Casablanca, Agadir and the United States, the song deals with the different aspects of friendship and its positive and negative repercussions.

According to Bouhssine Foulane, the leader of the group, the song speaks about the qualities that mark a friendship between two people and carries a message that it must be based on loyalty, faithfulness and support in good and bad times, in order to move forward and achieve the desired goals. It also evokes the values and principles we have inherited from our parents and grandparents and notes that sometimes friendship is based on self-interest and can therefore be a source of grief. Thus, Bouhssine Foulane gives advice through this song, in order to preserve the value of friendship.

It should be noted that the song is composed by Bouhssine Foulane, written by Mohamed Bendaj, distributed by Ribab Fusion and Youssef Grirrane. The group aims to reach its Amazigh audience in particular, and Moroccan in general, by releasing new songs, pending the resumption of direct communication through national and international festivals. This will be done after the pandemic, to ensure the safety of all.

Ribab Fusion is a remarkable Amazigh group that has participated in several international festivals and has won several musical awards.

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