Important : Morocco will launch special cheques to boost domestic tourism

The Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy, Nadia Fettah Alaoui indicated, Monday in Rabat, that her department is working, in coordination with its partners, to set up special cheques to reduce travel expenses, and this, in order to encourage domestic tourism. The ministry is working today, in full coordination with the various parties concerned, to encourage domestic tourism and make it a lever for the dynamization of the sector, through the development of a series of measures including promotional campaigns in all regions of the Kingdom, in order to boost demand, noted Fettah Alaoui, who was answering an oral question on “domestic tourism”, presented by the Authenticity and Modernity Group in the House of Representatives.

The government official emphasised that in coordination with the Moroccan National Tourist Office, a study devoted to domestic tourism has been carried out, aimed at understanding the purchasing behaviour of an artistic product among Moroccan customers, noting that faced with the growth of domestic tourism, the main challenge today is to encourage Moroccans to discover more regions of their country.

It considered it necessary to encourage Moroccans to travel outside the high season and holidays and to develop their interest in travel on a regular and almost continuous basis.

Moreover, Mrs. Fettah Alaoui recalled that the current health crisis has imposed a set of travel restrictions and generated negative repercussions, causing a quasi-stagnation of activities at the level of the various national tourist destinations, considering that the gradual recovery of tourist activity in the country remains vital to contain the losses suffered by the sector, by first directing efforts towards domestic tourism which is part of the priorities of the contractual programme of the sector.

At the level of air transport, the minister pointed out that the resumption of domestic flights in the Kingdom last June was accompanied by the gradual increase in the number of flights and the expansion of the network of routes according to the evolution of demand, in order to reach the number of weekly trips occupied before the outbreak of the pandemic, adding that the companies Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia operate 78 domestic flights spread over 20 air routes.

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