Nisrine Erradi Sparks Controversy Following Her Daring Role in Saudi Film

The Moroccan actress Nisrine Erradi is at the center of controversy once again, because of her role in a new Saudi series entitled “Victims of the Lawful”, which deals with the subject of “misyar marriage”.

In this series, broadcasted on the “Shahid Vip” platform, Nisrine plays the role of a Moroccan woman who marries a minor in a misyar marriage. This daring role has put her at the center of criticism on social networks, where video clips of her with a child in a bedroom have been shared.

Several Internet users in the Gulf and Morocco have expressed their dissatisfaction with the series, as they believe it involves pedophilia. Thus, they called for the series to stop being broadcast and denounced the choice of the Moroccan actress who have agreed to play this role.

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