Brice El Glaoui Bexter, Arab Star of Tomorrow!

English-French-Moroccan actor Brice El Glaoui Bexter has just been named Arab Star of Tomorrow 2020 by Screen International magazine. A consecration for the actor who will star in Hicham Hajji’s Redemption Day on January 8th.

“This is the fruit of 13 years of career, I am very touched by this award even if I can’t believe I’m the star of tomorrow,” confided the actor from Cairo where he was awarded the Arab Star of Tomorow by the renowned film magazine Screen International at the Cairo International Film Festival. Grandson of the painter Hassan El Glaoui, Brice El Glaoui Bexter, the fruit of a mixed marriage and rich in several beautiful cultures, chose to return to Morocco a few years ago to make a career in the country where he grew up. After studying in Paris and New York at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, he was the light understudy for Mark Strong and Leonardo DiCaprio on the filming of Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies in 2008, where it all began. Today, he is on the list of the Five Influential Arab Directors and Actors of the Year 2020. Awarded every year, the Moroccan actor succeeds Nisrin Errad and becomes the worthy representative of Morocco and Moroccan cinema.

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