Pandemic: cinema attendance in France will fall by almost 70% in 2020

Cinema attendance in France, closed or forced to reduce their capacity for much of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has fallen by 69.4% in 2020, the National Film Centre (CNC) announced Wednesday.

French cinemas recorded 65.10 million admissions, compared with 213.07 million in 2019, according to the CNC in a report relayed by the French media.

“The year 2020 is marked by the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has led to the closure of cinemas twice for a total of 162 days. Over the whole of 2020, attendance reached 30% of that observed in 2019”, the CNC stressed in its annual report.

While on average, each year since 2010, around 20 films have reached or exceeded two million admissions, there were only three in 2020, the CNC said.

In detail, “twelve films had more than a million admissions, compared to almost fifty during the decade. No film will make more than three million admissions in 2020,” added the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée.

Even if the biggest hits are Hollywood, overall French films show a more limited decline (-60.7%) than American films (-76.7%) or other nationalities (-69.4%).

In 2020, French films (29.2 million viewers) accounted for more admissions than American films (26.6 million).

“This phenomenon had not occurred for 14 years in 2006. The market share of French films (44.9%) is thus higher than that of American films (40.8%) and that of films of other nationalities (14.3%)”, notes professional organisation.

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