Egypt : The writer and screenwriter Wahid Hamed is no longer

The Egyptian writer and screenwriter, Wahid Hamed, passed away Saturday at the age of 76, announced his son, the writer Marwan Hamed, on his Facebook page.

The last appearance of the deceased was in a tribute he received last month at the 42nd edition of the Cairo International Film Festival.

Born in the governorate of Ach-Sharqiyah, the late Wahid Hamed is considered one of the most prolific screenwriters in Egyptian cinema and television over the last four decades.

He has enriched the Egyptian filmography with several works, including “Al Irhab Wa Al Kabab”, “Al Ghoul”, “Araqissa Wa Siyassi”, “Souq Al Mout’aa” and “Gharib Fi Bayti”.

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