Classic cars: a rally to celebrate the Moroccanness of the Sahara

The Moroccan Federation of Ancient Vehicles (FMVA) is starting its activity schedule for the new year 2021 in a very good way. In order to fully celebrate the recognition by the United States of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, the FMVA has concocted a classic car rally for this occasion and for the attention of amateurs and other enthusiasts. It is called the “Dakhla Historic Grand Prix”.

This event will take place from 28th to 31st January 2021 and will link Dakhla to Guergarate. “This event will give us a moment that is as festive as it is sporting, but above all symbolically strong”, said Abdellah Abdellaoui, Honorary President of the FMVA, on the occasion.

The programme for this period rally will be as follows: the participants will start on Friday 29th January in Dakhla at the wheel of their gleaming period vehicles, with the aim of reaching Guergarate on the same day, a 367 km route.


Once the finish line is crossed, a ceremony will be held on the spot, immortalised by photos and videos, but above all by testimonies from the participants and other personalities on site, in addition to the words of the President of the WFVA and the President of the African Federation of Ancient Vehicles (FAVA).

The rally caravan will set off again in the afternoon to complete the route in the opposite direction in order to return safely to Dakhla, a further 367 kilometres. It goes without saying that the mechanics of these beautiful old ones will have been particularly sharpened for the occasion.

An event that will continue on Saturday 30th January with a parade of these same old cars in the streets of Dakhla. Moreover, the caravan will be keen to meet the inhabitants and the vintage car enthusiasts in Dakhla.

Shortly afterwards, the participants will conduct free practice in a regularity Grand Prix on a closed circuit in town. In detail, a regularity rally is a motor rally where the aim is to get as close as possible to an ideal time to complete a defined route, with the average speed generally below 50 km/h.

Serious things will begin in the early afternoon when the riders will have to face the time trial. The prize-giving ceremony for this Grand Prix will take place on the same day during a specially dedicated festive evening. A first event concocted by the FMVA and which will be followed by others in the course of the year, according to the staff of this same federation.


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