Egyptian justice condemns Mohamed Ramadan to pay a huge fine

The Economic Court of Egypt issued a ruling regarding the case of the pilot Ashraf Aboul Yousr, demanding the actor Mohamed Ramadan to compensate him with 25 million pounds, for causing him to lose his job.

The complaint stated that Mohamed Ramadan used a picture of the pilot to promote the video clip of a new song called “Mesh Batfatesh fel Matar” (I’m not searched at the airport), exploiting a picture of Aboul Yousr while piloting the plane, causing big financial and moral losses for the pilot.

It is worth mentioning that the Civil Aviation Authority permanently suspended the license of the pilot Aboul Yousr, for violating the standards of safety while piloting a plane, by allowing the artists to be and to film him in the cockpit of the plane, in addition to suspending the license of his co-pilot for a year.

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