Israeli ministry of foreign affairs mourns El Haja El Hamdaouia and describes her as the “beloved by the Jews”

The Israeli ministry of foreign affairs mourned the late artist “El Haja El Hamdaouia”, yesterday morning, through a Facebook post, describing her as the “beloved by Jewish Moroccans”.

The Facebook page “Israel speaks Arabic”, which belongs to the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, uploaded a picture of the singer “who is loved by all Moroccans everywhere, and admired by Jewish Moroccans”.

The page added: “her singing entered the heart of Israel and she gave shows with Raymond El Bidaouiya. She passed away on Monday morning, aged 91”, praying the Almighty to grant her heaven.

El Hajja El Hamdaouiya passed away on Monday, April 5th, after a long sickness. She was an icon of the Moroccan Chaâbi music since the 1960s.

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