New development in the case of the two Algerian actors in Marrakech, whose video provoked the anger of Moroccans

The scandal initiated by two Algerian actors living in France, after sharing a video in which they were insulting Moroccan kids and their mothers, is still ongoing, in spite of the apology issued by one of the two actors on his official Instagram account.

The latest available data indicates that the local Moroccan authorities of Marrakech have opened an investigation regarding the circumstances of filming the outrageous video, so as to determine responsibilities, according to the instructions of the Public Prosecution.

On the other hand, well-informed sources have affirmed that the Algerian actors who have caused this scandal left Morocco back to France a couple of days ago. Therefore, the possibility of arresting them by the Moroccan authorities is impossible.

The concerned parties exploited some young kids in Marrakech, who sell tissues and flowers in the streets, and filmed them in the video, pretending that they are their illegitimate children from prostitutes with whom they have sex for 100 dhs, and uttered many heinous words to make their followers laugh.

The available information indicates that the people concerned with this scandal came to Morocco to attend a program, but it has been cancelled after the scandal. 

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