Dr. Omar Amrier Writes About ” the Trust Among Moroccans”

The scholar and journalist Dr. Omar Amrier has recently published a new book entitled “The Value of Trust among Moroccans… Through the Memory of Hajj Hussein Amzil”.

The author wrote on the back cover of the book that it is “not just a narrative about the experiences of a self-made individual who started from scratch as a young man, then struggled through life until he became a role model among the great men of industry, finance, business and investment. “

“The book is a compilation of the results of four years of relentless digging in the memory of a man who is almost a hundred years old. The theme of “trust among Moroccans” came up as soon as I asked about the man and his tongue overflowed with facts about this. He also realized it from the generation of his parents, and how Moroccans have innovative skills to increase trust, and how villages and cities have institutions that transmit this noble value and protect them from any alteration.”

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