HM King Mohammed VI Honored in Sydney for Preserving the Jewish Heritage

Rabbi Levi Wolff, the chief minister of The Central Synagogue in Sydney, Australia, dedicated a special tribute to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his continued commitment to protect the Moroccan Jewish heritage.

This tribute came during a speech by the rabbi at a dinner party hosted by the Synod, which is considered the largest in the southern hemisphere, in honor of Morocco. More than 300 people attended the event, including Jewish businessmen, representatives of the Jewish diaspora, in addition to His Majesty’s ambassador in Australia, according to several media sources.

The rabbi himself spoke about the unique history of Moroccan Jews, and the permanent commitment of the sultans and kings of Morocco to preserve the memory and Jewish identity in Morocco. This has made the Kingdom a great example for coexistence and tolerance, where Jews and Muslims have always lived in harmony.

The rabbi also commemorated the late Sultan Muhammad V, who refused to hand over Moroccan Jewish citizens to the Nazi government “Vichy”, during the era of protection, stressing that they were an integral part of his people, just like their Muslim compatriots. The rabbi described what the deceased had done as “a heroic act”. He also praised the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and his continued commitment to the work of his blessed predecessors, which is reflected in the many initiatives and various measures that His Majesty has taken to preserve the Moroccan Jewish heritage.

At the same ceremony, which ended with a dinner inspired by Moroccan Jewish traditions, Rabbi Levi Wolf hoped that other countries would follow the approach of the Kingdom of Morocco, and be inspired by its exemplary vision of preserving peace and promoting the prosperity of the Arab and Jewish peoples.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan ambassador spoke of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s initiatives, which have made the Kingdom an exception in terms of coexistence. In this regard, he mentioned the program to rehabilitate Jewish cemeteries and synagogues and the reform of school curricula to include the teaching of Moroccan Jewish culture and history.

With regards to the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel, the ambassador said that this should be seen as a natural continuation of the long journey of the millennium. He also pointed out that this dynamic is the direct result of the high demand of His Majesty the King to the Moroccans for the recognition of the Jews of the whole world and their unwavering attachment to their country of origin.

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