Exaggerated Boldness and Sexual Implications: The Public Harshly Criticizes “Salamat of Abu Al-Banat”

The series “Salamat Abu Al-Banat”, which is directed by Hisham Al-Jabbari, received a lot of criticism from users of social media. This came shortly after the second season of its airing on MBC 5.

A group of observers stood by what they called an exaggerated boldness. They explained that it was not at all possible to watch the series home together with the family, because it had, according to their expression, sexual implications. Specifically, they were referring to a subject related to the wedding night.

Although some praised the good performance of the artist Mohamed Khouyi and the actress Saadia Ladib in the second part of this series, they pointed out that there were technical errors by emphasizing the word “quality”.

They highlighted that the first season of this show, in comparison with the second, was better despite its flaws and errors.

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