Mauritanian Traders Raise Prices of Tomatoes on the Moroccan Market, and the Price per Kilogram Reaches Record Levels

Well-informed sources reported that the price of tomatoes in wholesale markets in Morocco is on the rise during the first days of the holy month of Ramadan. They said that the price of a box is about 160 to 180 Dirham, confirming that the increase could reach unprecedented numbers over the next days.

During a phone call with the Moroccan media, the secretary of the fruit and vegetable merchants of the wholesale market of the city of Témara confirmed that the price of tomatoes has become strangely high. He explained that the price of a kilogram of this substance has reached the range of 5 to 8 dirhams in bulk today, and it could reach unprecedented levels in the next few days.

He also explained that the excessive increase in the price of tomatoes is due to the high demand of Mauritanian traders to import Moroccan tomatoes. This has caused a shortage of tomatoes in the Moroccan market and heavy demand especially during this holy month, which automatically caused their price to increase. Also, the lack of seeds, after the farmers had a lot of difficulty in obtaining it, has greatly contributed to the delay in its production at its usual time.

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