The Closure by Morocco of the Ceuta Crossing Costs the Economy of the Occupied City More Than 100 Million Euros in One Year

Official data published by the Spanish media revealed the catastrophic situation in which the economy of the occupied city of Ceuta is living. This is due to the decision of the Moroccan authorities to close the Bab Ceuta crossing point and to put an end to the smuggling activities.

The published figures confirm that in 2020 alone, the city’s economy has lost nearly 100 million dollars, with the volume of goods imports falling by 82%, from 114 million euros to only 18 million euros, compared to 2019.

The situation seems even more hopeless if we compare the current economic situation of the city with what it was in 2012, when the volume of imports of raw materials were no less than 500 million euros per year. This, however, began to decline year by year, due to the Moroccan authorities who were tightening their surveillance on the one hand, and the frequent traffic jams that occurred known by the crossing. This often led to a complete halt in movements, resulting in the prevention of any smuggling activity in early 2020.

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