Diana Melendez talks about her passions: Makeup, fashion, and photography

Diana Melendez is an inspiring makeup artist from California.

At a very young age, Diana Melendez would read magazines and always enjoyed watching runway shows and makeup videos that pulled her into the world of art and fashion.

Growing up, you would find Diana Melendez sketching, writing, and practicing her makeup skills.

Diana discovered that she had the ability for creative direction when coming up with original outfit ideas. As Diana Melendez got more involved in the world of fashion, she found a deep love for it. Fashion and makeup allowed her to explore her creative skills only to discover her true calling.

Diana is the youngest of three children and the only female after her mother in her family. Diana Melendez was raised in a multicultural Mexican-Argentinian household. Diana’s family has played a vital role in standing by her side and guiding her along the way to achieve her goals and aspirations.

Diana Melendez and her family are very close to one another and offer each other unconditional support.

Diana Melendez started practicing makeup and trying new looks on herself, which would later lead her to give her friends and family fashion makeovers and makeup looks. Her inspiration is found in vintage styles but adding a sophisticated touch of dark gothic vibes.

“Trying new looks and helping my friends discover their fashion style is like therapy for me. Fashion has played such an important part in my life because it allows me to express myself through my creations”.

Diana Melendez shared.

Thanks to social media, artists can communicate, and it makes it easier to collaborate and try new things that can later bring you new opportunities.

Diana Melendez started to take a new hobby that later became one of her true passions. It doesn’t matter who you are; inspiration can come anytime and open your path to new experiences and learn new skills.

Diana Melendez started to notice a significant affinity for photography after collaborating on projects with Photographer/Videographer “Daniel G. Villegas” in Las Vegas.

Diana Melendez then naturally followed to learn photography, as this allowed her to grow professionally by learning new skills and capturing her art.

“After all, makeup doesn’t stay on forever, and photography is a true and pure way of keeping every makeup look forever imprinted on an image.”

She shared.

Now, Diana Melendez continues to combine in a single shot the ability to capture the best of all three worlds of makeup, photography, and fashion, including her soul within. Diana Melendez will continue to create and share with the world as she hopes to inspire her followers and connect with her and her art.

Follow Diana Melendez on her journey as she ventures to collaborate and create more timeless memories.

Diana Melendez on Instagram @diana_m93

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