Algerian army carries out a naval maneuver near the border with Morocco


The option of a military confrontation with Morocco is becoming clearer than ever. The Algerian military junta is conducting real combat maneuvers on the Moroccan-Algerian border and is gloating over the European Court’s decision, once again calling the Kingdom an “occupying state”.

The Algerian military junta has gone too far this time. Last week, it executed a naval maneuver in an area near its border with Morocco with the participation of submarines simulating a real fight against an enemy in the depths of the sea, according to a statement from the Algerian Ministry of Defense.

Algerian television broadcasted images of the maneuver, which took place at the naval base of Mers El-Kébir (west), under the supervision of Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), and Major General Mahfoud Benmedah, Commander of the Naval Forces. Mers El-Kébir is the largest Algerian naval base, located on the coast of the city of Oran, also known as the Western maritime facade, overlooking the border with Morocco.

The military option is becoming clearer than ever. 

One thing is certain, official Algeria is an enemy country. And it has demonstrated this, in no uncertain terms, in recent days. Will we see a Moroccan diplomatic riposte?

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