Expo 2020 Dubai: Details of the Morocco pavilion

The Expo Dubai 2020, which will take place from October 1, 2021 in Dubai, will see the participation of 192 countries, including Morocco, which intends through this event to share its strategic vision of a more sustainable global future.

With 192 countries represented, all united to think the world of tomorrow, it is a new chapter of history that will be written at Expo 2020 Dubai, the first organized in a country of the Middle East, Africa, South Asia (MEASA) and which will take place over 6 months, from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, says a statement from the organizers, noting that “Morocco will be at the rendezvous to share its strategic vision of a more sustainable global future.

Located in the heart of the Opportunity District, near the United Arab Emirates pavilion and not far from Al Wasl Plaza, the central monument of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, the Morocco pavilion will offer, in addition to a permanent exhibition, a varied, rich and inspiring artistic, cultural, economic and scientific program, the same source noted.

the theme “Legacies for the future, from inspiring origins to sustainable progress”, Morocco’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is designed to invite visitors to discover or rediscover the Kingdom, its history, its identity, its talents, but also its tangible achievements in various fields.

Through three main themes, the Morocco pavilion will show the world the Kingdom’s commitment to the future of the planet, the wealth of a country with a wealth of talent and the dynamic progress in which Morocco is involved.

With the aim of providing visitors with a unique experience, the Permanent Exhibition of Morocco in its pavilion is designed as a promenade, with doors leading to 13 rooms. Each of them constitutes an original space, playing on the surprise effect produced by the elements presented, which offer so many opportunities to discover Morocco and the strong continuity linking its past, its present and the future it is building.

“Each door that opens will give the visitor the opportunity to see and experience a facet of Morocco: from its mobility and its dynamic progress (through the rooms Meet your Eldest, Moroccan Explorers, Movement, Visit Morocco, Connections & Development, Reveal Africa, Moroccan Artists) to its commitment to the future of the Planet as the rooms Bubble of Life, Argan Stories, Plants Power, Release the Energies”, underline the organizers.

This tour, which differs from a classic museum tour, immerses the visitor in a strong immersive experience, sometimes interactive, sometimes playful, involving the body and not only the mind, so as to reach all audiences. For the youngest visitors, the Morocco Pavilion offers an innovative game experience, in augmented reality, which invites them to search for a certain number of clues and to solve original enigmas.

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