Dakhla will host the 1st edition of the Wing Foil World Championship

The 1st edition of the Wing foil world championship ” GWA Wing Foil World Tour ” will be organized from the 2nd to the 6th of November in Dakhla, with the participation of the best riders of the world.

Initiated by the Association “Dakhla Lagoon for the development of sports and cultural animation” and the global wing sports association (GWA), this international sports event will bring together the best world riders in the disciplines of surf-freestyle and surf-race, say the organizers.

This event, which is part of the festivities marking the celebration of the Green March, aims to position Dakhla as a reference destination for high level Wing Foil for both professionals and beginners.

Voted best destination for Moroccans and Mediterranean city of sports in 2020, Dakhla is gradually establishing itself as an eco-destination promoting escape and reconnection with nature and immersive experiential adventures.

This sporting competition will also contribute to the sporting influence and the tourist attractiveness of this region so rich in potentialities.

The Wing Foil competitions are very well attended and give the host sites an international dimension and scope.

The popularity of this new all-in-one sport has reached such heights that every windsurfing and kitesurfing spot in the world has wingfoilers on the water.

The first international wing-foil competitions were held in Brazil and Tarifa, Spain, in November and December 2020.

Wing foil is considered as the trendy sport of board sports. It is the synthesis of wind surfing, kite surfing and surfing. It consists in sliding on a board equipped with a foil while being propelled by an inflatable wing held directly in the hands.

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