Marrakech gets a new cultural space

The cultural infrastructure of the ochre city has just been strengthened with the inauguration of the “Juan Goytisolo Documentation Space for Oral and Food Practices” (EDOG).

Located in the old medina of Marrakech, in the district of Sidi Ben Slimane Al-Jazouli, the library has the particularity of offering to the interested public the possibility of accessing the publications of famous authors (artists-painters, writers, poets, teachers-researchers …), who have contributed to the magazine “Horizons Maghrébins” during the last four decades.

In a statement to MAP, the director of “Horizons Maghrébins”, Mr. Habib Samrakandi, said that this cultural project is named after Juan Goytisolo, the writer of the two shores who devoted his life to bringing together the Moroccan and Spanish cultures.

In this context, he stressed that this initiative in memory of this intellectual native of Spain and Moroccan at heart is an important opportunity to remember the diversity of his contributions that have enriched the intellectual
landscape in its various genres and the common history of both countries.

For Mr. Samrakandi, Juan Goytisolo has always been a faithful friend of Morocco and Moroccan civilization, emphasizing his commitment alongside Moroccan intellectuals to obtain the classification of Jamâa El Fna Square as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

He added that this documentary fund is composed of the collection of the magazine “Horizons Maghrébins” (80 volumes), explaining that this project is dedicated to research and is open to students and researchers from both sides of the Mediterranean.

“This cultural space, carried by the Friends of the Journal “Horizons Maghrebins”, is dedicated mainly to the oral heritage and history of the culinary arts of the Western Islamic world, a cultural and heritage facet to which researchers have not devoted many studies.

It should be noted that the library’s works are in Arabic, French and Spanish for the publications of the writer Juan Goytisolo.

The Friends of the Magazine “Horizons Maghrébins” is an associative entity, which has been working for over 40 years to preserve and enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of the Ochre city.

“Horizons Maghrébins” is a French-speaking journal devoted to the literature of the Maghreb and the Euro-Mediterranean area.

It publishes studies on the history of the Muslim West and the future of Muslims in Europe. Foreign authors collaborate and contribute to the resonance of the memory of the common heritage in the Mediterranean.

The journal is also a space for the presentation of works by contemporary artists, Maghrebi or from other cultures, who have lived in the Maghreb and whose work has been marked by the lights and colours of the East. 

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