The Meeting of the President of the Rabbinical Court in Morocco, Rabbi Pinto, and the Rabbi of Iran

Last weekend, Rabbi Germi from Iran arrived in the United States, where he met with Admor Rabbi Josiah Pinto, the head of the patriarchs and president of Rabbinical Court in Morocco. The meeting took place at Rabbi Pinto’s Manhattan residence.

Rabbi Yehuda Germi, Iran’s chief rabbi, is very active in the Muslim country. Anyone who follows him on social media discovers extensive Jewish activity throughout Iran – a marathon of canopies according to the religion of Moses and Israel, the launch of new synagogues, prayer stands, and more.

During the meeting, Rabbi Germi surveyed Rabbi Pinto’s religious activity in the Jewish community in Iran and asked Rabbi Pinto for his blessing and support in expanding the movement.

Another issue that came to prominence at the fascinating meeting is the virtue of reading the Book of Deuteronomy on Shabbat, under the leadership of Rabbi Pinto, a virtue that has become a global trend all over the world – including in Iran.

Rabbi Germi informed the Rebbe that he had distributed the Book of Deuteronomy to the Jewish community in Iran. Many community members strive every Saturday to read the entire Book of Deuteronomy, thereby gaining salvation and success.

As you may remember, Rabbi Germi mainly came to the grave of Mordechai, the Jew, and Queen Esther, in the city of Amdan in western Iran, during the last Purim holiday to pray for the healing of Rabbi Pinto, who was undergoing complex medical treatment at the time.

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