Rabbi Josiah Pinto received former NBA player Omri Caspi

Recently, Rabbi Pinto has given dozens of Torah lessons from Los Angeles to Manhattan and received thousands of people in audience reception to provide them with advice and guidance.

Among the masses who came to receive blessing and encouragement were many rebbes, rabbis, politicians, celebrities, and public figures.

Before flying back to his residence in Casablanca, Morocco, near the local Shiva Israel of Yeshiva, a Torah lesson was held at the World Return Center in Manhattan, with the participation of many who came to say goodbye to the Rebbe Rabbi Pinto.

The Israeli athlete, former NBA player Omri Caspi, arrived at Rabbi Pinto’s residence in Manhattan to consult and seek guidance. Rabbi Pinto praised Caspi for consecrating heaven there many times during his career, and he said he and his family made sure to eat kosher food.

Caspi told Rebbe Rabbi Pinto about his decision to adopt his grandfather’s name “Moshe,” which glorifies him as a Jew. Rabbi Pinto replied to Caspi and enlightened him: “The name Moshe Rabbeinu – is a name that brings spiritual light to the world

In a conversation with Caspi, NBA player LeBron James also came up, who was associated with Rabbi Pinto a lot for advice and guidance in the last decade.

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