As New Year approaches, Rabat authorities tighten the screws

As the New Year approaches, the security services of the Rabat Police Prefecture are reinforcing their efforts in a proactive manner in order to preserve security and public order and protect people and property in all areas of the capital.

Judicial and administrative checkpoints, existing checkpoints at the entrances to the city, main roads and traffic police, which are under the supervision of judicial and traffic police officers, are among the main anticipatory instruments of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) for this purpose, through the inspection of suspicious cars and the verification of the identity of road users.

In the same vein, it was decided to reinforce the surveillance patrol teams in the various streets and neighbourhoods of the capital in order to fight against crime and reinforce the feeling of security.

In a statement to MAP’s continuous news channel (M24), the head of the anti-gang brigade within the regional service of the judicial police of Rabat, Zohair Raji, noted that as part of the efforts deployed by the DGSN to protect individuals, property and the fight against crime in all its forms, the police of the Rabat Police Prefecture has done a huge and important job during the year 2021, through security interventions and the arrest of suspicious persons.

He added that the number of people arrested in the capital reached 270,793 this year against 180,347 in 2020, i.e. an increase of nearly 50%, stressing that the said people were apprehended in flagrante delicto.

Similarly, this year’s checkpoint operations resulted in the arrest of 9,720 wanted persons compared to 8,290 in 2020, an increase of almost 18%.

Regarding the preparations for the new year 2022, the security official said that the Rabat Police Prefecture has undertaken a number of steps and security operations since mid-December that have led to the arrest of 3,796 individuals in flagrante delicto and 244 wanted persons, compared to 170 persons during the same period last year.

The operations carried out by the Rabat Police Prefecture include morning and evening security interventions carried out by the different police units in addition to the checkpoints set up in the city’s accesses and its main avenues, he said, stressing that search and control operations are carried out within the checkpoints by the canine brigade under the judicial police, The police force uses dogs trained to detect all kinds of drugs and traces of blood, in addition to carrying out control operations and checking identities using tablets, all of which have led to positive results and the arrest of a higher percentage of wanted persons compared to last year.

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