YouTube Star Uses Videos to Feed the Hungry

Jimmy Donaldson, creator of the popular MrBeast YouTube channel, is using his fame and skills to help end hunger.

“I want to feed millions of people on a monthly basis, tens of millions one day,” he told The Associated Press.

Donaldson — who has over 150 million subscribers across his YouTube channels — created the Beast Philanthropy channel last year at Thanksgiving, which gives away 100% of the money it makes.

In a recent video, Donaldson and his team, along with almost 700 volunteers, gave out 10,000 free turkeys from food company Jennie-O.

Beast Philanthropy has given away almost 500,000 kilograms of food, over 9,000 hot meals to those affected by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, and helps feed nearly 1,000 households in the Greenville area every week.

Kevin Scally of Charity Navigator, the world’s largest non-profit evaluator, says MrBeast is part of a new trend of social media influencers using their power to do good.

Donaldson has been combining doing good with humor since he started making YouTube videos a decade ago. His channel has videos featuring charity work alongside ones that are just for entertainment.

At the moment, the Beast Philanthropy channel doesn’t get the same amount of views as Donaldson’s other channels, but the number is growing as more videos are added.

“It gets interesting because by watching the videos of us feeding people, you’re allowing us to feed more people,” said Donaldson.

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