3 brands share the Moroccan bottled water market

Three brands share the bottled water market in Morocco, namely Sidi Ali, Ain Saïss and Sidi Harazem, according to a study by the Sunergia group.

This study on the notoriety of bottled water brands in Morocco with local domination shows, in fact, that Sidi Ali is the leader of the list with 51% of quotations, while Aïn Saiss and Sidi Harazem are second and third of the ranking with respectively 15% and 11%.

Also, the first 4 brands of the list belong to two important operators of the market, namely the Mineral Waters of Oulmes (Sidi Ali and Bahia) and Sotherma (Aïn Saiss and Sidi Harazem) which concentrate the most market shares and are moreover the oldest on the market, specifies the study, carried out within the framework of a series devoted to the Top-Of-Mind brands.

Ciel and Aquafina are the only foreign brands present in this ranking and two brands out of 10 are table waters, namely Bahia and Ciel, says the same source.

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