“The Punch”, a Moroccan film about hope, dreams and boxing

Feel like diving into a movie theatre? Moroccan directors offer feature films that are worth the trip while respecting the barriers. Currently it is “The Punch” by director Mohamed Amine Mouna that is making the news. This feature film, which may remind us of Rocky Balboa, bears the values of sport. It confirms that all dreams are achievable with will and determination. “The Punch is a sincere film about dreams and hope. “I wanted to make an action film, a popular Moroccan film”, says Mohamed Amine Mouna. This director chose a beautiful story about boxing to tell in a different way the rage to win, to get through and to achieve one’s goals. He plunges us into the atmosphere of the underground rings where Rabii (Rabii Aklim), a young unemployed man from an underprivileged background, clings to the dream of becoming a real sportsman. His life changes when he meets Mustapha, a former failed boxer plagued by alcoholism. Mustapha believes in him and wants to make him a boxing star. Despite the obstacles of the street, the family and society, Rabii does not give up. This film is a tribute to Moroccan boxers, but also to all those who struggle to achieve their dreams and change their lives for the better.  

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