Natural gas: Industry takes over Morocco’s low local production

Morocco produces 100 million m3 of natural gas per year, which is only one tenth of its annual needs, which amount to one billion m3. This is what is revealed in the report accompanying the unfavourable opinion of the Competition Council, made public on Thursday 6 January 2022, concerning the draft law n° 94.17 relating to the downstream sector of natural gas in Morocco and modifying the law n° 48.15 relating to the regulation of the electricity sector.

The report in question specifies that the two main basins exploited by ONHYM are located in Essaouira and Gharb, while the routing and marketing are ensured by ONHYM in partnership with private companies specialised in the field of exploration and research of hydrocarbons.

ONHYM thus has gas pipeline networks consisting of a number of small diameter and short length pipelines that connect wells to metering stations to transport the gas to users’ plants. The Essaouira basin is connected by a 160 km pipeline and sells its production to OCP’s Youssoufia mining centre to supply energy to the drying and calcination units.

In the Gharb basin, where the gas pipeline network is 213 km long, the gas produced is purchased by the Compagnie marocaine des cartons et des papiers (CMCP), but also by the companies Super Cérame (ceramics industry) and Keyes Cemok (manufacture of cells for packaging), located in the industrial zone of Kenitra. The report of the Competition Council also lists the foreign hydrocarbon exploration and research companies present in Morocco.

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