Stromae releases a new single “L’enfer” (Hell)

For those who did not follow him on the set of the 8pm news on the French public television channel TF1 on 9 January 2022, Stromae left them the information on his Facebook page. “I have just unveiled my new single on the 8pm news on TF1. It’s called ‘L’enfer’ and it’s available now on all streaming platforms. Happy New Year to everyone!”

When he appeared on the set of the 8 o’clock news yesterday, Sunday 9 January, on TF1, we didn’t expect that this would be the scene chosen to make public a new single. But when Anne-Claire Coudray, the news presenter, finished asking Stromae “You have also, for 7 years, struggled with a certain malaise, and you talk about it very clearly. In your songs you also talk a lot about loneliness. Did music help you to free yourself from this?”, the atmosphere on the set changes. Stromae, still seated on the set, gives the answer in music.

And here is “Hell”.

A few seconds of piano at the beginning, then the audience discovers the lyrics of the new single “L’enfer”. “I’m not alone in being alone. I’m not alone in being alone,” begins the 37-year-old Belgian singer-songwriter and producer. His gaze fixed on the lens of one of the cameras, which seems to have been prepared for the occasion, Stromae will sing “L’Enfer” until the last note. A first.

And the presenter later pointed out that Stromae had never sung it in public before. Basically, “L’Enfer” is about loneliness and the whole state of mind of people who are overwhelmed by loneliness. It is about the depression that can arise in the heart of someone who is in the grip of loneliness and which could lead him to want to commit suicide: “I have sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I am not very proud of that. Sometimes you think that’s the only way to stop them. These thoughts that make my life hell,” sings Paul Van Haver.

A return to the record market after 7 years of absence

On 15 October 2021, Stromae took everyone by surprise when he announced ‘Santé’, a brand new single. Before this release, his last album was released in 2013. This means that the artist has been away for more than 7 years and has already made a name for himself in the public eye with a few hits that can be hummed everywhere. The interpreter of “Formidable” and “Papaoutai” had not yet finished writing the pages of his career. And “Santé” announced the project of an album that is becoming clearer with the new release “L’enfer”.

“Multitude” is the title of this upcoming album by Stromae, an album already available for pre-order, according to the indications on the cover photo of his Facebook page. In the meantime, the public is already under Stromae’s spell again, as evidenced by the comments that have been pouring in on the internet since the surprise of “L’enfer” was unveiled a few hours ago. The single is available on all streaming platforms as he states in his publication. And if you want to see what the interview at the end of which Stromae unveiled “L’enfer” looked like, it’s also online.

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