Inezgane: he kills his wife during an exorcism

A resident of Inezgane believed his wife to be possessed. He raped her in order to “chase away the demon” before taking her to hospital in a critical state. She died on the spot and the man was immediately placed in detention.

The man believed that his wife was “under the influence of the devil”. This resident of Inezgane, father of five, has just been arrested after killing his wife, reports the Moroccan press. The accused wanted to “get the devil out” of his wife’s body.

He performed an exorcism session on Thursday evening, which obviously turned into a tragedy. The defendant, according to Goud, beat his beloved in order to “chase away the evil”. The more she screamed, the harder he hit her. At one point, the victim fell silent. Believing his ritual to have been successful, the “spiritualist expert” left the room.

When he returned, he realised the extent of his act. His wife was not moving. She looked like she was dying. He took her to the hospital. Unfortunately, it was too late. She died on the spot. The man was arrested and placed in custody.

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