More on the case of the high school teacher accused of sexual assault in Tetouan

An investigation is still underway into sexual harassment by a teacher against female students at a secondary school in the city of Tetouan, the Moroccan press has learned.

The accused was arrested by the security services for further investigation, knowing that several young girls have given their testimonies concerning this case, the same source stressed. In the same way, Collective 490 had received oral testimonies from young underage girls who accused their teacher of sexual harassment.

In the same context, Karima Rochdi, a member of Collective 490, had previously told the Moroccan press that the Collective had recently received numerous complaints from victims who had been harassed by one of their high school teachers. She also said that the father of one of the girls had filed a complaint with the King’s prosecutor in the city of Tetouan, so that an investigation could be carried out to find out all the ins and outs of the case.

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