Fuel prices in Morocco: gas stations call for help

The National Federation of owners, traders and managers of service stations in Morocco said that the service stations suffer greatly from the review of rising prices of hydrocarbons. Fact that put some in the obligation to have recourse to loans in order to be able to discharge the expenses of their exploitation.

In a statement of which the Moroccan press has a copy, the aforementioned Federation calls for the introduction of a new policy to allow service stations a safe supply, without negative impact on their budgets. And this, in order to support the companies of the sector and to ensure the energy security of the country.

Similarly, the statement emphasizes that the owners of service stations are apprehensive about the minimum tax on companies in Morocco (I.S) that threatens to bankrupt all service stations, resulting from the sharp increase in the number of transactions, without this being reflected in the profits and the assurance of a consistent supply.

The opening of a dialogue is also requested with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, through the continuation of the work already started with the Federation, particularly those relating to the provisions of the Hydrocarbon Code, as well as other very important files still pending.

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