Integrating Moroccan students coming from Ukraine into the kingdom’s colleges… 

Of the 9,000 Moroccan students studying in Ukraine, the scene of the conflict and the Russian military invasion, the majority of them experienced an arduous journey to flee the war with a taste of bitterness, searching in vain for a return ticket to their home country and hoping to get out safely from the bombing zones where the sirens did not cease to sound.

The search for an alternative to the crisis of students returning from Ukraine seems to continue, as the situation has been extrapolated at first glance. Studying here and integrating students into the colleges is faced with reality and several challenges.

Meanwhile, photos and videos of students at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University Mohammed I of Oujda are shared, including a video in which a student appears to ask his colleagues: “If you refuse the integration of students returning from Ukraine to our faculty, raise your hand?”, then the overwhelming majority of students raise their hands, reflecting their refusal of enrollment or integration of students returning from Ukraine to the national medical schools.

“The rejection of these students does not mean the rejection of the government or the university,” says Anas, a Moroccan student who has returned from Ukraine, where he was studying medicine and pharmacy. Indeed, we came back because of the war situation, not to compete with anyone or take the place of another student.

The case is an extrapolation of the situation beyond the refusal of some students to integrate returnees from the war in Ukraine. Under these circumstances, the question arises: “What about the pedagogical notebooks of the faculties of the Kingdom? “.

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