Moroccan Ministry of Health stresses importance of third dose

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has called for accelerating the taking of the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, which does not have the required participation of citizens, and to commit to taking the first and second doses for abstainers, in order to protect citizens from serious and deadly infections, strengthen their immunity, and maintain the stability of the epidemiological situation in Morocco, at a time when other countries in the world, including China, have experienced a new rise in the rate of infections.

The Ministry confirmed that the epidemiological situation is under control at the national level, and that the spread of the virus has weakened in all regions of Morocco, after recording a decline in the rate of new infections for the eighth consecutive week, adding that the rate of positivity in turn continued to decline, recording last week the lowest rate since the beginning of the massive spread of the virus, which amounted to 00.8%, while the level of generation of cases remains at a value less than one for over 52 days.

The department said that serious cases in the ICU and resuscitation units saw a decrease for the sixth consecutive week, and the number of deaths also saw a decrease for the fifth consecutive week.

The Ministry of Health announced last Tuesday the registration of 87 new cases of coronavirus, 43 cases of recovery and one death in the last 24 hours. The Ministry said in the daily bulletin of the results of epidemiological surveillance of the (Covid-19), that the new balance of infections brings the total number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to one million and 162 thousand and 626 cases since the first case announced on March 2, 2020, while the total number of cases of recovery has reached 1,145,998 cases, and 16,053 deaths.

Morocco has eased preventive measures, allowing nightclubs to reopen, allowing weddings and parties, and reopening borders to the world, while maintaining some preventive measures at airports, and allowing tourists from the world to enter.

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