Vahid: I know you don’t like me and it’s mutual

The coach of the national team Vahid Halilhodzic broke his silence regarding the news of his imminent dismissal from his post, saying: “I am the target of a great campaign of criticism, and instead of talking about my figures and achievements, they talk about my dismissal, I can no longer tolerate this situation.

The Bosnian coach added, in a statement to the site Koora: “I am strong and all these lies do not confuse me anymore.

He continued, “I needed a rest after strong pressures during the previous period, so I went on vacation with my family, and I think I deserved this rest after my achievements with the Moroccan national team.”

He added, “I will not speak further on the subject, and I will not respond to the rumors that some people are trying to spread.”

He added: “I continue my duties normally, and I don’t care what they say in the media,” concluding his remarks by saying: “I know you don’t like me, and it’s mutual,” referring to the Moroccan media.

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