Samir Sabri…the multi-talented artist

Samir Sabri, the Egyptian artist who recently passed away, is known for his multiple talents. He is considered a versatile artist, as he dances, sings, presents on radio and television, especially since he started his career as a broadcaster on British radio.

His artistic career began in the sixties, he rubbed shoulders with giants of Egyptian art such as Abdelhalim Hafez, Adel Imam, Mervat Amin, Nabila Obeid and Nadia El Gendy. In addition, he played many roles that have remained in the memory of his audience, as well as his radio shows that established his popularity.

Samir Sabri was born in Alexandria in 1936. He grew up in a family that loved art, and encouraged him to follow his talent from a young age. He experienced a childhood torn between divorced parents at the age of nine, which affected his personality and relationships, especially after he had to move to live with his father in Cairo, away from his mother. 

However, it was this move that opened the doors for him, after the great artist Abdelhalim Hafez, who was his neighbor, chose him to appear with him on screen and play a role in one of his songs”, then to propose his name to the actress Loubna Abdelaziz, to present with her a radio segment.

Samir Sabri then appeared in secondary roles, in films such as “Rue Al-Madaq” and “Allis wa al Kilab”, in which he showed great talent, which qualified him to act in important films alongside great artists such as Warda Al Jazairia, Naglaa Fathi, Shadia, and Nelly.

Samir Sabri was known for his generosity towards many Egyptian artists during periods of their health concerns, which made him very popular.

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