Pinto organizes Shabbat ceremonies in his residence in Rabat

A large number of members of the Jewish community, residing in Morocco and elsewhere, flocked to the residence of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, in order to attend the sacred Shabbat ceremonies, which began last Friday and continued until Saturday.

Rabbi Pinto, who came from Los Angeles to the capital, Rabat, welcomed his followers and preached sermons and religious lessons. Many people came from other countries to listen to the rabbi whose origins are from Essaouira, and who is known among rabbis for his wisdom and religiosity.

Together, the rabbi’s disciples and students sang the special songs for Shabbat. They prayed with the rabbi and listened to his sermons and advice, which he always makes sure to share, so that they do not stray from the right path.

The Rabbi is also keen to return permanently and regularly to Morocco, for which he has a special love and relationship, as it is the country of his ancestors, where the Rav has undertaken many charitable initiatives to support and extend his hand to those in need of help.

Rabbi Pinto is an exception in the rabbinical field. He is not content, like the rest of the Jewish rabbis, to give sermons and religious lessons, but speaks and discusses a variety of topics, including politics, society, and even business. To get his blessing, many artists, society stars, heads of state and businessmen consult him before making important agreements or vital decisions in their lives.

Jews celebrate Shabbat in a special ritual every Saturday. It is a day of rest for them, during which they commemorate the story of creation as recorded in the Old Testament and look forward to the return of the Jewish Messiah to save the believers.

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