Mansouri: the price of building materials have increased by 189%

Fatima-Zahra Mansouri, Minister of National Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy, said that the current crisis has significantly affected the construction sector and led to an increase in prices of all building materials of 189%.

Mansouri stressed, during a plenary session of oral questions in the House of Representatives on Monday, that the construction sector has seen a series of crises, starting with that of Covid and after the Russian-Ukrainian war, which have significantly affected the prices of building materials, the livelihood of Moroccans and their purchasing power in general.

The Minister revealed that the reconstruction and settlement sector has been severely affected by the current crisis, with an estimated increase for glass of 189%, copper 91%, aluminum 51%, electrical wires 32%, Wood 25%, Iron 19%, which has had a direct effect on prices in the construction sector.

The Minister said that the extent of the impact left by the crisis that the world is currently experiencing on the construction sector, has not been determined, noting that the situation will take about six months to measure the extent of the impact and how to manage and overcome it.

Mansouri reported that there are delays in the workshops of the group Al-Omran and slowness in all workshops of the Foundation, stressing that work has not stopped in any of the workshops.  

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