Over half a million arrivals of Moroccans Living abroad in 10 Days

Between June 5 and 14, 28,000 passengers crossed the Strait and the country’s airports received more than 500,000 travelers.

This was reported by the Minister of Transport Mohammed Abdeljalil during a meeting of the committee overseeing the marhaba 2022 campaign.

In the first ten days since the beginning of the campaign, 28,000 boats and 7,200 vehicles entered the country by sea. 19,000 passengers and 4,400 vehicles left the country in the same way.

The Marhaba welcome operation is an annual campaign of the Mohammed V Foundation to facilitate the return of the Moroccan diaspora for the summer vacations. Some 1,200 skilled and specialized workers, including 300 health workers, 800 social workers and 100 volunteers, are ready to welcome travelers and provide assistance in four countries.

In 2019, 3,340,045 passengers and 760,215 vehicles entered the country in this way. In the last two years, the campaign has been suspended or significantly reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic and diplomatic wrangling between Morocco and Spain.

In figures, the annual crossing represents the largest movement of people and vehicles between two continents in the world.

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