Actress Asmaa Khamlichi makes her comeback on Netflix

he Moroccan actress, Asmaa Khamlichi, makes her comeback after several years of absence from the artistic scene! And this, by playing the lead role in the film “Chettah” (the dancer), directed by Lotfi Ait Jaoui, and will soon be released by Netflix Morocco.

In this film, Asmaa Khamlichi, along with other Moroccan actors, plays the role of a mother whose daughter is a dancer in popular troupes and who does everything to support her. In the same way that the mother makes many sacrifices so that her daughter can succeed in realizing her dream, without worrying about “what people will say” and bad language.

The main theme of the film, a tribute to the late Bouchaïb Bidaoui and the Moroccan “Aïta”, is a light comedy about the perception of the dance profession by the Moroccan society, with many values inspired by real facts.

The film will also be broadcast by Netfix International, which means a first for Moroccan cinema works.

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