Morocco launches national hepatitis C screening campaign

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection said in a statement that this campaign aims to achieve 150,000 rapid detection tests and will be available at health centers. The release adds that the anti-hepatitis C drugs will be supported and made available at the regional hospital centers.

The same source stresses that the implementation of detection and treatment activities for patients with hepatitis C will contribute to achieving the objectives of eliminating this disease in Morocco by 2030, which will save 4,000 people and prevent 2,300 cases of liver cancer associated with this disease.

The ministry said that at the national level, and according to data from the national survey on the incidence of viral hepatitis in Morocco, the prevalence of hepatitis C is estimated at 0.5% in the general population, and the number of CVH are estimated at 125 000 people.

The Ministry indicated that, in parallel to this celebration, the National Strategic Plan for the fight against viral hepatitis 2022-2026 will be launched, through which Morocco is committed to reducing the registration of new infections and deaths by 50% by 2026.

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