Morocco now has 8,017 ATMs

The network now has 8,017 ATMs, representing an expansion of the ATM network by 1% compared to 31/12/2021, the CMI said in its recent report.   

The best equipped cities are Casablanca with 1,542 ATMs, Marrakech with 680 ATMs, Rabat with 649 ATMs, Tangier with 485 ATMs, Agadir with 422 ATMs and Fez with 410 ATMs. The ATM network has realized in H1-2022, some 178 million withdrawals made by Moroccan and foreign bank cards, up +11.1%, for a total amount of 172.5 billion dirhams up 10.1%. That is to say an average monthly activity of 4,469 withdrawal operations for a global amount of MAD 4.3 million for each ATM.   

The ratio of the number of cards issued in Morocco per ATM, defined by the ratio of the outstanding Moroccan bank cards to the number of installed ATMs, stood at 2,312 as of June 30, 2009.

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